How Gorilla BowZ is bringing healthy eating to Gen Z 

Khesa Maria Villocino

 "Imagine Red Lizard and Salad Stop had a baby and named it Gorilla BowlZ."

E.J. Requina

 "Best burritos I've ever had!"
Jenifer Martinez
Yoga Hub Philippines, Founder/Director
Nike Authenticator
 "So good, healthy, and fresh!"
Gazini Ganados
Miss Universe Philippines
 "Everything is delicious! I would definitely recommend Gorilla BowlZ to people who have an active lifestyle and value the importance of eating healthy."
Jake Hoyle
Tokyo Olympian, 2x NCAA Champion, 2019 US National Champion
 "GorillaBowlZ offers an array of set meals which are both essential for scientific weight loss while significantly remaining physical strength. I am extremely happy with both their products and services and absolutely recommend them."
Franco Serafica
Professional Athlete, Top Boxer
"If you are looking for a satisfying and healthy bowl, I highly recommend their Sumo BowlZ (Ahi tuna tataki)."
Danessa Onglatco
Mom, yogi & influencer
 "Kept my weekend meals healthy with Gorilla BowlZ! Loved their containers, too!"
Jude Bacalso
Editor-at-large, Cebu Living & Cebu Daily News
"Creating healthy habits and healthy choices with Gorilla BowlZ. I love how flavorful their bowls are especially their special gorilla sauces."
Cecille Quibod Castro
News Anchor, GMA Regional TV